Resumes, Cover Letters & Process


I provide intensive, one-on-one service and utilize best practices to create a resume that inspires interviews and offers.  My process frequently yields compelling information that clients have not considered.

Cover Letters

I write concise, powerful cover letters that introduce you and create interest.  Research findings reveal that inadequate cover letters do more damage than good and can result in resumes not being read at all.

Fees – Because each person’s track record and existing resume vary widely, please contact me for an exact price.

The Process

Comprehensive, personal, and easy

  1. Free review of your existing resume and/or other materials in the context of the type of position you’re targeting (in the current market, only highly targeted resumes are effective).
  2.  I’ll provide an assessment of any gaps between where your materials currently stand and what is needed to be effective, and let you know the exact price.
  3. Preliminary phone call (484.254.6513) to set up our consult, process timeline, delivery, and payment plan.
  4. I’ll email initial questions to you, the answers to which you’ll email 24 hours prior to our consult (to allow me to prepare additional questions for our consult).
  5. In-depth consult in which we’ll explore your achievements, contributions, skills, and distinguishing value.
  6. You’ll received first iteration to you in 10 business days.
  7. We’ll work intensively on subsequent iterations until we are both completely satisfied with the final product.

Professional resume-writing fees can, in some cases, be tax-deductible.